Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kobra's Sniping rules 101

Hello and welcome to Sniping 101, there's a couple rules that will help your glass-tanked sniper ship survive to see another day.

Rule 1:
This will let you warp instantly when the enemy drops ships on you. Don't forget to smack in local "fail" while your in warp.

Rule 2:
Align as soon as you land. It usually takes you 5 seconds or more to lock your target anyway, make yourself safe from interceptor/Gallente recons charges by being aligned and ready to GTFO.

Rule 3:
Make safespots near (off-grid) to objects on your overview. This way when you land to snipe, you can align to that object on your overview and you're now aligned to your safespot.

Rule 4:
Sniping ships that can mount a neut are great for nueting tacklers and getting the fuck out. This isn't always an option (Maelstorm 8 guns) but either way your drone bay should be full of Em drones. Em-300 Hornets are usually best because it's usually frigs or ceptors that have locked you down.
If the enemy is lucky enough to get a tackle on you, deploy your em drones and neuts if you have them.
Stay aligned and stay up to speed. Watch your overview and if his point gets nueted off or he gets jammed warp away. Don't forget to smack in local "fail" while your in warp.

Things to consider while choosing targets:

- Is it shield-tanked or armor-tanked, I usually switch between Rep fleet Nucular and Proton.
- Transversal-velocity, the lower this is to you the higher chance you have at hitting the target.
- If your going for headshots (popping the ship in one volley) cruisers and down are the best targets.

I'll add more later when I think of it.